Porto de Galinhas is one of the main and busiest beaches of the coast of Pernambuco, visited with all the comfort due to its natural beauty and excellent hotel infrastructure. The beach of Porto de Galinhas is located in the municipality of Ipojuca, 65 km south of Recife. Southbound. Coming from Recife, a sequence of beaches of Porto de Galinhas begins with Cambodia, Muro Alto, Cupe, Porto de Galinhas, Maracaípe and Pontal de Maracaípe. The average water in Porto, land and natural pools are 28 degrees Celsius. From the tip of Maracaípe and Camboa are 18 km of coconut groves. In Oise Cherie, we can discover and prove how kind a nature was. Things are coincidences and even the accent of who we have never seen. By day, we will hike on the sand, surf, dive in the buggy, jet ski, raft, do trail, bike, horse, kite surfing or just do nothing.

The name of our hostel is inspired by the legend of India ANAHÍ. According to sources on indigenous names, Anahí is a name of Tupi origin and means "beautiful flower of the sky". But in the Dictionary of Proper Names - we find "the one with the sweet voice." From a Tupi-Guarani legend, according to which this was the name of an Indian that would have been burned, and the moment it burned, it became a flower - the flower of the Ceibo tree (whose scientific name is Erythrina crista-galli). According to legend, Anahi was an Indian who loved to sing, and who lived happily in her tribe, until invaders arrived and imprisoned the Indians. In trying to defend herself and escape, Anahí ends up wounding one of the guards, and his punishment is to die at the stake tied to a tree. Ceibo thus represents suffering and courage, and is known as the national flower of Argentina, where there is abundance of this species. In Brazil, this flower is called cork of the plum, or flower of Aguaí. Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina have the privilege of being the only habitat of this wild flower.

Porto de Galinhas is rich in multicultural events. Literature, music, gastronomy, tourism and among many other activities are part of the annual calendar of events taking place in this paradise. Access our social networks and stay inside the most varied programming of this incredible place.

In the fifteenth century, in the discovery of Brazil, the place was inhabited by the Caetés Indians, where the brazilwood traffic predominated. From then on, until the end of the sixteenth century, the place was abandoned because the Indians left no wood or sugar from the place, but returned in the eighteenth century with the clandestine landing of slaves. One of the first areas of Brazil occupied by the Portuguese, Pernambuco became a major sugar producer and for many years was responsible for more than half of Brazilian exports. This wealth attracted new European colonists who built in the state one of the richest architectural patrimonies of Colonial America. Formerly, Porto de Galinhas was called Puerto Rico, due to the extraction of Pau Brazil. When the slaves arrived to be sold, smuggled, they were hidden under crates of ducklings. The arrival of the slaves on the seashore was announced by the password "There is new hen in Porto!". Because of this, Puerto Rico became known as Port of "hens". From there came the name Porto de Galinhas. SOURCE: www.destinoportodegalinhas.com.br

The gastronomy is a differential apart and deserves special programming during your visit. With inputs from the region itself, the dishes developed by the chefs are mouthwatering. Shrimps, fish and seafood mingle with the seasonal fruits to let the food a special item on your trip.

Always concerned with the preservation of the environment and with the ecosystem in which we are inserted, several social and ecological programs contribute to the sustainability of Porto de Galinhas. A true paradise that needs care, support and your help!
There are two very important projects that are carried out in Porto de Galinhas with the help of many volunteers: the NGO Eco Associados and Hippocampus. Both are involved with the preservation of marine life, mainly turtles and seahorses, respectively. If you want to help and learn a little we leave as a suggestion to visit these two projects.


A Paradise at your fingertips. Surrounded by natural beauties and very comfortable ... This is the ANAUÍ Pousada!



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